Just a short post to announce that:
Cultea is restored. All photos are back online.

I intend to write more than 2 articles this year.

My plans for future articles? The same as I planned for last year, plus a lot of new ideas and materials.
What to expect?

  • Finishing Stockholm and Hamburg
  • Vienna, Bratislava, Geneva, Warsaw
  • An Exhibition about tea
  • Books, books and more books
  • Some overview of books. Sorry no time to write reviews about all 200+ tea related books
  • Surprise
  • Wvvttk

So, no pressure. I have too much of that already. Just ideas.

Unfortunately I had to change the theme. The old theme I used had three columns. So older posts were adapted to a 600px width column. But that’s okay. It just means that new posts might have larger photos….


15 thoughts on “Back

  1. Thinkie

    Have lots of fun writing those post!

  2. Thinkie

    postS I meant…

  3. bram Post author

    I’ll try. πŸ˜‰

  4. Jackie

    Thinkie? I don’t think we have met. At least I think we haven’t. Would you like to become a Tea Trade member? Just let us know, at the moment registrations are only open on request.
    Bram – I know it can look strange to look at a familiar blog with a new theme but I actually really like this one and the big pics. Thanks for spending the time to make it look so good. We’re excited about your plans for new posts, I have told myself that even a short one from time to time is better than none at all. Let’s hope I stick to this πŸ™‚

    1. bram Post author

      Thanks. It looks a lot like my older theme. πŸ˜‰ Similar colors and such.

      I will make sure Thinkie gets the message πŸ™‚

  5. Thinkie

    Hi Jackie,
    Thanks but… I don’t like tea πŸ™‚
    Kind regards,

    1. bram Post author

      Still working on that πŸ˜‰

      1. Thinkie


    2. Jackie

      But we all know that “thinkies” are very intelligent and deep thinkers and soon realize that the way to unlock more thinking is to drink more tea.
      Bram himself was a “thinkie” before he became a Tea Trade member. He has now attained the status of Tea Trade Thinkie, a major accomplishment.
      PS: You don’t have to love tea, witty or clever comments will do πŸ˜›

      1. Thinkie

        LOL, I’ll just stick to tap water at room temperature, without added flavour πŸ˜‰

  6. Xavier

    @bram Making all my pictures back online is what I need to do but I have other plans before that.

    1. bram Post author

      All in good time.

      This is what I did. It might help you.

      For those who want to restore the photos:
      1) Go to the edit page post (not the image library!)
      2) Click on the broken image
      3) Click on the pencil
      4) Click on replace
      5) Upload/drag&drop all photos of this post (so you don’t have to do them one by one, just post by post (in my case)
      6) After upload finished just close, no need to replace or save

      Good luck

  7. Jackie

    But how does the post know which uploaded image replaces which broken one? I tried to fixing a blog post and I had to do it pic by pic.

    1. bram Post author

      The files need to have the same filename. Otherwise it will just be another (unused) picture

      Oh and once your done you have to reload the page of the post to see the effect. It will not update the edit page view by itself (no need to save)

  8. Xavier

    I will try to do it when I have time.

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