Water, water my kingdom for some water!!(*)

Some people start their story at the start of the story, others at the start of the next story. As I did last post. So wat about those three combined that I mentioned…

Tea visit with teapots, teapots and did I mention teapots?

A few months ago Thinkie and I went to Leeuwarden. A city in the far north of the Netherlands. And though she still does not like tea, we went there for tea. (Note: This post is extremely photo heavy, so loading might take a while)

Tea in Hamburg 4: A walk among Blomen and Asia

Another day, another walk. Tea in flask and of we go.   Besides the river Elbe Hamburg also has two lakes to make the city a bit watery. The Binnenalster and the Außenalster are artificial lakes around which the city expanded. (Warning: this post is photo heavy. So it might take a while to load)

Tea in Stockholm 2: Oh deer

As I said before in a previous post: What better way to unwind from a great but energy consuming gathering than a long walk. So tea in flask and out I went. From my hotel I just have to cross the street to reach the fields of Ladugårdsgärde so that is where I start. (This […]

Tea in Hamburg 2: A walk among Blomen and time

The conference was over, I moved closer to the city center and what better way to recover from a few very intense days of listening, sitting and learning a lot than a good walk. So after pinning some points on the map out I go. Into the city that a few others here at TeaTra.de […]

Tea in Stockholm 1: Is there tea in Copenhagen?

After the I don’t know how many reference to Tea a Magazine I decided that I was interested in trying it. Hmmm, international postage is almost twice the price of a subscription in the US. Could take a digital subscription, but I don’t like reading on my PC. There goes nothing above the smell of […]

Tea in Hamburg 1: Tea in Lübeck

Going to a conference and adding a few days for myself gives oppurtunities for teatourisme in places that I might otherwise not have visited. This time I had a conference in Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg. And though the city was on my optional list and a previous trip to this city was cancelled I would […]