Some people travel for work, others for beach, others for meeting people others for tea, some for tea water and some for the last three combined. But lets start at the beginning. No not at the begin of time. Elaborating about the first Planck time would scare most of my readers away and the 11 […]

Tee, Spiel und Essen

And here we were again, for me the 16th time. In a place full of winners, losers and mostly people that are both. But who cares about winning or losing? It is all about the games on the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in Essen, Germany that take place each October. Considering this was the fourth time […]

Tea on the Moon

Soon this time of festivities ends and people look back at the year. Seeing it as a success, a loss or just as is. A lot has happened this year both good and not so good. I was lucky that bad did not make it this year to my door (as far as I know). […]