Water, water my kingdom for some water!!(*)

Some people start their story at the start of the story, others at the start of the next story. As I did last post. So wat about those three combined that I mentioned…

My dear teapot

🙁 My daily teapot had an unfortunate accident today thanks to some people who induced a sudden reaction with fatal consequences. Their pleasure meant my friends end. Rest in peace my dear friend for over 6 years.

Hidden treasures 2

The Dutch part of the ~5000km long North Sea Trail (NST) is 725 km and thereby the longest connected hiking route in the Netherlands. There is a small 12km part of this route that I try to walk once every year: Meijendel-route (Dutch). The route starts in The Hague, passes some estates and goes through […]

Hidden treasures

Previous second day of Pentecost(*) I went out for a ride. The weather was good en because it was also “Day of the Castle” several Castles and Mansions opened their doors. One of those Castles is Castle Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten the Netherlands, a castle that I pass by several times a week for the last […]