Water, water my kingdom for some water!!(*)

Some people start their story at the start of the story, others at the start of the next story. As I did last post. So wat about those three combined that I mentioned…


Some people travel for work, others for beach, others for meeting people others for tea, some for tea water and some for the last three combined. But lets start at the beginning. No not at the begin of time. Elaborating about the first Planck time would scare most of my readers away and the 11 […]

My dear teapot

🙁 My daily teapot had an unfortunate accident today thanks to some people who induced a sudden reaction with fatal consequences. Their pleasure meant my friends end. Rest in peace my dear friend for over 6 years.

Tea visit with teapots, teapots and did I mention teapots?

A few months ago Thinkie and I went to Leeuwarden. A city in the far north of the Netherlands. And though she still does not like tea, we went there for tea. (Note: This post is extremely photo heavy, so loading might take a while)


Just a short post to announce that: Cultea is restored. All photos are back online.

The art of don’t go there

Contains several photo’s, so loading might take a while The Japanese tea ceremony. You can love it you can hate it. But in many aspects it reflects life in the bigger world. Including rules of where not to go. (and of course our tendency to break those rules, like our parents ignored the signs on […]

Chengdu teahouses: a place to get your ears picked

Chinese teahouses give a lot of tea lovers a romantic feeling. It is a good place to drink tea, see a nice opera, have a nice discussion, have group meetings, settle disagreements, get a pedicure, get your earwax picked, have a good fight one on one or group against group, end someones life, find a […]

To tag or not to tag: let’s drink tea first

Tagging, a modern blog version of the chain letter. Being tagged by @jackie of “Cups of tea with Jackie” means a decision has to be made. Ignore it or talk about the least interesting thing in the universe: me. So lets start and see what this will tell you about me.

The Brass Teapot

We all know the feeling. When we see a very great teapot we get the greedy feeling that we want it. Badly. Some can resist, others get bankrupt. This is a story about that greedy feeling and its consequences.

Tea skyscrapers

Tea sets come in various forms. Designs change over time. Some changes are gradually, others by design. Modern tea ware is not rarely designed by people that have experience in designing tea ware. But what would happen if tea ware was designed by people that usually not design tea ware, but for example skyscrapers? What […]