A Little Anniversary

A few hours to go till one year has past since my first TeaTrade blogpost. A year that went by extremely fast with many blogposts left unwritten and many left for the time to come.

The statistics from my Dashboard so far:
18 posts
272 media

That should not be too hard to improve. 🙂

When I started last year I saw it as an experiment. Just to see where it takes me. And now I know that there is still a path ahead of me as a Tea Trade blogger.

What to expect in the time to come.
* A few more posts about Hamburg, although the end is neigh
* A few more posts about Stockholm, although the end is neigh too
* A few posts about tea in Denmark. Yes, Denmark outside of Copenhagen has tea too.
* More books. A handful that I have read and want to talk about, dozens that I have not read yet and I am not counting the books that I don’t own yet.
* A few posts about tea in Bratislava. If I can find some tea there.
* More history and philosophy. If I can squeeze them in somewhere.
* More absurditea. If you can handle.
* …

What not to expect:
* A regular schedule. Okay, I try to keep up a two-week schedule, but I have not been very successful so far.
* Posts like this. Okay I am writing one now.
* Tea reviews. I still have no intention of doing those.
* Hidden treasures, unless I find them, then I will share.
* …

For now thanks to all of you who were patient enough to read my posts.

Lets drink tea for another year.

One year candle

One year

6 thoughts on “A Little Anniversary

  1. Xavier

    Happy one year blogging!

    I like your plans and your non plans (but more the first ones than the second ones).

  2. jopj

    Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to another great year reading your posts.

  3. bram Post author

    Okay, good moment for a beginners error: publish before links and photo are added. Done now.

    Also a good moment to discover that the communication software on my camera can’t handle more than 3000 photo’s on the sd card. 🙂

  4. bram Post author

    @jopj and @xavier thanks. Looking forward to your posts too.

  5. Robert Godden

    Keep up the good work. But keep it up more often.

  6. Jackie

    We love your posts and your pictures. You’ve inspired @peter and me several times to take (tea) pics on our outings and walks. Sadly we haven’t always published them because we didn’t write the matching blog posts. But we always thought of you and toasted you while we sipped our tea in parks and pretty gardens.
    Congratulations, here’s to many more posts to follow!

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