An Old Tea Seller

Almost everyone that has not lived in a cave or under a rock has heard about and maybe even seen a glimpse on that box with moving pictures that there is something like a Japanese Tea Ceremony. A lot of people know that it has something to do with putting some powder into a bowl […]

Tea in Hamburg 1: Tea in Lübeck

Going to a conference and adding a few days for myself gives oppurtunities for teatourisme in places that I might otherwise not have visited. This time I had a conference in Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg. And though the city was on my optional list and a previous trip to this city was cancelled I would […]

Four Teas

Which one of the following teas does not belong in the following list and why? Dragonwell Bi Luo Chun Mao Feng Gunpowder Take your time to think about it…

Hidden treasures 2

The Dutch part of the ~5000km long North Sea Trail (NST) is 725 km and thereby the longest connected hiking route in the Netherlands. There is a small 12km part of this route that I try to walk once every year: Meijendel-route (Dutch). The route starts in The Hague, passes some estates and goes through […]

Hidden treasures

Previous second day of Pentecost(*) I went out for a ride. The weather was good en because it was also “Day of the Castle” several Castles and Mansions opened their doors. One of those Castles is Castle Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten the Netherlands, a castle that I pass by several times a week for the last […]

Outside the Palais

The last time that was the day that only occurs once almost every four years I had a very short unexpected trip to Brussels. During that short time I was able to visit two tea stores. La Maison du Thé and Le Palais des Thés. Of course I spend too much, eh too little, eh, […]

For all the tea in India

As I predicted I come in and Tea Trade collapses. Or was it just coincidence? Luckily @Peter and @Jackie were able to rebuild Tea Trade on a new server. For which our thanks. Someone who came into the teaworld, shook it, caused the existing tea world to collapse and new tea worlds to arise  leading […]

A beginning

So this will be my first serious blog post here on tea trade. Which of course means that once I push the publish button the Tea Trade Earth will tremble, walls will collapse with me right through the open window and once the dust settles I’m standing in the open window of the collapsed wall […]

First post

Not much yet. But I have to start somewhere. The coming months this blog should either die or develop. Let see what this will bring.