Outside the Palais

The last time that was the day that only occurs once almost every four years I had a very short unexpected trip to Brussels. During that short time I was able to visit two tea stores. La Maison du Thé and Le Palais des Thés. Of course I spend too much, eh too little, eh, well you understand.

Besides the teas I also bought a book at the Palais: “Chercheur de Thé / Discovering Tea” by François-Xavier Delmas, the founder of the Palais.


The book

Yes I know, I must have an iron somewhere...

The small book contains blogposts and photos by François-Xavier as he posted them on his blog (english) from 29-01-2010 to 01-04-2011. That is his first year on that blog. The paper is mat and the pictures are therefore not as vivid as on his site. But the pictures are still great.

In his blogs (at least in his book, I did not check everything on the site) he combines his photo’s with a short description of what’s on it. In most cases the photo is on the left page, French text left on the right one and English right on the right one. The stories and photos range from visits to tea plantations, cities, tea tastings, food and contain small bits of tea knowledge. What else do you expect from a photographing tea merchant who travels around the world who uses his blog as a public travel diary?

Of course you can read his blog on his site. But for those who would like to read it on paper, leaf through it, prefer the smell of paper over that of electronics or those who still don’t realize that he also has an English version of his blog this is a little gem.

For those that have read the online version, prefer the smell of electronics over that of paper, prefer the vivid screen photos over the mat paper versions or who want to spend their money more wisely or more wasteful this book has nothing to add except a paper version.

Are there others out there that have bookified their teablogs?


The book open on page 11

And yes it was not the only thing that left the store with me that day...

8 thoughts on “Outside the Palais

  1. Xavier

    Not yet but I know Palais des Thés.

    You went to Brussels and didn’t tell me? 🙁

  2. bram Post author

    I did not know we went there 10 minutes before we left 🙂 And the visit was very short. Although it was my idea.
    But next time, with more time in advance and there …

  3. Xavier

    Just tell me. I only live 3 hours from Brussels and this town is like a second home for me.

  4. bram Post author

    Sounds interesting, I rarely go to Brussel although it is slightly less than 3 hours away.

  5. fabrivelas

    Next time try one of the following… especially for oolong or green teas:

    l’Heure bleue
    Avenue des Arts 12
    1210 Bruxelles

    Nong Cha
    Rue Dansaert 4
    1000 Bruxelles

    Cha Yuan Bruxelles
    Rue du Bailly 97
    1050 Bruxelles (Ixelles)

    La Septième Tasse
    Rue du Bailli 37
    1050 Bruxelles (Ixelles)

  6. bram Post author

    Thank you. Although, I now have more reason to go back than time…

  7. Jackie

    Wow, Fabrivelas, 4 recommendations for Brussels, that’s great. Have you been to all of them? Or some of them? @xavier since “Brussels is like a second home” to you, do you know these places?

  8. Xavier

    @jackie I didn’t know these places but when I am in Brussels, I am too busy to look for tea (family first and foremost).

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