The Brass Teapot

We all know the feeling. When we see a very great teapot we get the greedy feeling that we want it. Badly. Some can resist, others get bankrupt. This is a story about that greedy feeling and its consequences.

The brass teapot

The brass teapot (picture found on the official(?) tumblr page, see link)

A young couple, the typical types of movie losers. He with an unintersting deskjob that he loses. She losing one job interview after another. And then she sees it and “buys” it without paying or the shop owner knowing. A brass teapot. Unfortunately it pours a different kind of gold. The kind made of paper and with dollar printed on it. Any serious tea drinker would directly put this tea pot away and get a decent pot. But this couple is American so they keep steeping the undrinkable gold. Even though the brewing proces is quite painful.

Of course other people, that ain’t used to tea, think this is a great pot and get greedy too. And our loser couple have to fight for there lives to keep this worthless teapot in there posession.

And of course this teapot has real consequences. But lets not spoil that tea. Except that it is a bit opposite of the effect of good tea.

During their experiences they discover that the teapot is about 2000 years old and has been in the hands of kings and less nice people. Notice however that is was in the west all this time, the design is based on a steeping method that did not exist for another 1000 years and the design is similar to teapots that were first created around 400 years ago. But who cares.

The movie

The movie is ok. Not a high level movie but nice to watch. It is a typical story of luck leading to greed without much surprises and with some humor. Just for a night when you don’t want to use your brain too much and slowly go with the flow.

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